Introducing Our Latest Exciting Service: Cosmetic Tattooing

on Friday, 10 February 2017. Posted in Salon News

Introducing Our Latest Exciting Service: Cosmetic Tattooing

Are you tired of eyebrow makeup and eye liner that simply won’t stay on?

Then it’s time you considered cosmetic tattooing!

An ancient treatment with a modern twist, cosmetic tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular treatment in the beauty world.

Used to fill out your brows or enhance and define your eyes, cosmetic tattoos can give you the freedom to enjoy all your usual activities without having to worry about your appearance.

And now you can get your cosmetic tattooing treatments at The Beauty Bed!

How Does It Work?

Cosmetic tattooing involves using a rotary pen-like machine to implant small quantities of coloured pigment into your skin.

Safe and non-reactive, these pigments come in a range of colours. They can also be mixed to create even more colourways, all of which are softer than regular tattoo colours to ensure maximum blending.

The coloured pigment from your cosmetic tattoos will remain in your skin indefinitely, although it can fade (which is why we recommend follow-up treatments for best results).

Why Get Cosmetic Tattoos?

Cosmetic tattoos are particularly popular for those allergic to eye makeup, people with over-plucked eyebrows that won’t grow back, and people with vision problems who struggle to apply makeup, just to name a few.

Many people also choose to get cosmetic tattoos to improve their appearance or boost their self-confidence.

Regardless of why you choose to get them, cosmetic tattoos help ensure you can go about your day stress-free, knowing your eyebrows and eyes will stay in tip-top condition regardless of whether you’ve been swimming, perspiring, bathing or anything else.

Cosmetic Tattooing at The Beauty Bed

At The Beauty Bed, we now offer cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows and eyes, helping you get the defined brow or perfectly framed eyes you’ve always wanted.

For your peace of mind, we follow the same hygiene processes as doctors and dentists, and all our needles and attachments come in sterile packs and are disposed of after each treatment.

Best of all, because our cosmetic tattoo practitioner, Amy, is an experienced makeup artist, she can help you choose the right colours and style for your face so you enjoy the best possible results.

Eyebrow Tattoos

Whether you’re looking for a defined brow or just want to add some subtle, hair-like strokes, you can get what you’re looking for with eyebrow tattoos. We can also “lift” your brows for a more youthful look.


A fine, wide or tapered eyeliner look can be added to enhance your eyes and make them “pop”. Pigments with blue or green can also be used to bring out the beauty of your natural eye colour. Just be sure to remove any false eyelashes or extensions before we start.

Your Health & Safety Are Our Priority

Before your treatment, we explain what you can expect regarding healing time and any pain. We also consult with you to learn any relevant health information, such as whether or not you’re pregnant or currently taking any medications. That way, we can provide a safe and successful service for you!

Treatment Prices

Prices for cosmetic tattooing start at $400 for bottom eyeliner tattooing. You also need to pay a $100 deposit when you book in order to secure your appointment.

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Want hassle-free mornings and freedom from frustrating eye makeup touch-ups?
Then cosmetic tattooing is definitely for you!

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