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How To Keep Your Skin Happily Hydrated This Winter

Friday, 28 May 2021 Posted in Salon News

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Tight skin, rough knuckles, chapped lips? Say hello to winter, about to wreak havoc from head-to-toe. To show it who’s boss, The Beauty Bed’s resident skincare expert Amy has given us the tips you need to keep your skin happy and hydrated throughout the cooler months!

1) You still need SPF

Just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean you should put away your sunscreen! While there is less UV around in winter, the UV levels are still significant enough to age our skin. I love the Anti-redness correcting care SPF50+ from PAYOT, as it protects the skin with a high SPF and is also a great coverage.

2) Consider professional skin treatments

Winter is a great time of year for skin treatments. We always worry about peels in the summer months because of sun exposure and the risk of unwanted post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Autumn and winter therefore represent an opportunity to take care of these issues in time for your skin to be it’s best for the party season!

3) How to keep hydrated

Your skin will become drier and often more sensitive with the onset of colder weather and central heating. Make sure you keep hydrated during the day, Gentle cleansing is a must, you need your skin barrier to be as healthy as possible so that it can retain vital moisturiser. As a rule of thumb if your skin feels tight after washing it is likely that the cleanser you are using has disrupted your skin barrier. I like the Crème n°2 Eau Lactée Micellaire from PAYOT for a gentle cleanse!

4) Tweak your daily skincare routine

With the cooler weather comes the need for a thicker moisturiser to battle the elements. Try swapping your lotion to a cream and massaging it into your skin for 30 seconds to maximise its effects. For a really nice treat for your skin, I like the Nutricia Crème Confort from PAYOT.

5) Book in for a facial

Winter skin is often dull, so I recommend a professional facial about every three to four weeks. That’s how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth so I often advise people to opt for a superficial peel or exfoliating treatment in order to slough off dead skin and allow better absorption of active topical skincare. Regular facials will help to keep your skin clean, clear and hydrated whilst maximising your everyday skincare regime too.

6) Protect your lips

Don’t forget your lips this winter! This is the time of year where your lips need the most protection, so make sure your lips are sealed with an effective balm at all times. I recommend Nutricia Baume Levres Cocoon by PAYOT.

7) Prevent dry, chapped hands

Hands are very high risk for becoming chapped and sore in the winter months. At night apply a rich layer of hand cream under cotton gloves. After a few nights, the skin barrier will start to heal and the difference is often amazing. The Crème Mains Douceur from PAYOT is rich and smells AMAZING!

8) Don’t forget your feet

Feet often become dry and cracked in the winter months. Exfoliating frequently and applying an effective moisturiser always helps, but for many there just aren’t enough hours in the day. A pedicure throughout the winter-months will not only make you feel great, but will ensure your feet are in better condition once summer comes.

9) Use bath time to hydrate

Baths are a gift to dry winter skin. Not only do they provide the all-important relaxation to switch of those skin damaging stress hormones; baths are a marvellous opportunity to hydrate skin.

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