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Countdown to Christmas: Your step-by-step guide to looking incredible this party season

Monday, 26 October 2020 Posted in Salon Promotions

Christmas decorations in wood background with lights

It’s been quite the year, and we couldn't be more ready for rose, cheese platters and plenty of partying, but as we've learnt from previous years, it's a marathon, not a sprint. 

And the key to surviving the silly season is to create a beauty timeline that leaves you prepped and prime for the best of times, as the most festive and fantastic version of yourself. 

Here's our step-by-step guide to slay the Christmas season...

One month before: Body scrub/massage

Prior to your entire bank account being dedicated to last minute gifts and festive outfit shopping, treat yourself to a top-to-toe body scrub. Slough off all the dry skin that's accumulated thanks to early onset winter, and get your blood flowing and lymph nodes draining as they should.

Two weeks before: Facial

Your skin is going to take one for the team as you indulge in drinking too much, and sleeping not nearly enough. To delay the effects of dark under eye circles and dull skin, go for a resurfacing and glow-boosting facial. You'll notice the immediate effects as soon as you leave your relaxation bubble, but the intense exfoliation will keep your radiance going for even longer.

One week before: Wax

Operation: Smooth as a baby seal. If you feel your best when your pits, private parts and pins are hair-free, waxing will offer you the best long-term solution (unless you've already had laser). Think about it now, so you can make sure your hairs are long enough to satisfy your waxer and then enjoy 2-3 weeks of smoothness that will see you through to the New Year. 

3 days before: Brow tint & shape

Tackle those tricky little hairs a few days before to ensure any redness or sensitivity is well and truly gone. Combine it with a tint to define the shape even more, and you'll find you need less brow product to fill them.

1 day before: Gel manicure

Last but not least, coat your nails in long-lasting colour with a gel mani. If you make this the last bit of your prep, you should be able to get through the season chip-free until the New Year. 

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