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New Years Beauty Resolutions with Amy

Monday, 18 January 2021 Posted in Salon News

woman undergoing facial beauty process

A new year brings with it a new routine! Here are a few beauty habits to adopt or continue on within 2021 to get the most out of your beauty routine.

1. Remove your makeup

Why is this so important? A good makeup remover not only removes cosmetics, but it also removes impurities and sebum that have accumulated throughout the day. It also helps your moisturiser to do its job, leaving you with soft and squeaky-clean skin.

When you’re tempted to skip the step of removing your makeup, remember that poorly washed skin leads to blackheads, dry skin and wrinkles… Three reasons to stay motivated!

2. Say yes to SPF

For those of you who have yet to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine, it's time to
start. It can’t be said enough: protecting your skin from UV rays is essential to preventing early signs of aging and minimizing the risk of skin cancer.

Summer and winter, outdoors and indoors (windows do not block UV rays!), rain or shine, use
high SPF creams (with a minimum of 30, but preferably more) and be sure to wait half an hour
before exposing yourself to the sun.

3. Try something new every week

This year, go ahead and have fun with your look. Have you been wanting to get your brows laminated but are a little unsure? Are you thinking it’s time to battle those blemishes once and for all? Whatever your beauty goals are for 2021, we are here to ensure you are taken care of!

4. Pamper your feet

Because they’re always supporting your weight and are often abused by your shoes (yes, we all love pointy shoes!), taking care of your feet now is crucial for long-term foot health. Slip-on some nourishing moisturiser and some thick socks for intensive care in-between regular pedicure appointments. Trust us, your future self will thank you!

5. Treat yourself to relaxing moments

Once a week, dim the lights, turn off your phone, fill the tub and relax with a book or podcast. To add to the cocooning experience, light a candle, apply a mask and fill the bath with a luxurious bath cookie, such as the Solitude Mind + Body range. Or come and visit us in the salon for one of our amazing massages – go on, you deserve it!

Have a fabulous start to 2021!
Amy xx

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